Israel Bike Trail is the ultimate route for the adventurous rider. Bikpackers may ride for days without encountering civilization, although it is always a few kilometers away.

On one hand the trail offers remote desert landscapes and on the other, it is a well maintained route that enables you to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

The small state of Israel is a mountain biker’s paradise. Throughout its 600 km longitude and 100 km width, it offers many trails, for all kinds of riding styles and skills, crossing and connecting different landscapes and cultures.

From the Golan heights in the north, through the mountains and sea shore in the center, to the desert in the south, most of the trails are free to travel and thus offering an ultimate freedom for riding.

Riding the Israel Bike Trail (IBT)offers experiencing a variety of landscapes, sceney, cultures and unique sites that Israel has to offer.

The Israel Bike Trail gives us the privilege of riding in some of the prettiest, remotest locations that Israel's natural surroundings have to offer. It passes through areas of great ecological, cultural and religious sensitivity.

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