Israel bike trail is the ultimate route for the adventurousrider. Backpackers can ride for days without encounter civilization, although it is always a few kilometers away.
On one hand it offers remote desert landscapes and in the other, a well maintained route that lets you enjoy the ride to the fullest.

 Israel Bike Trail is a mountain bike (mtb) trail. It was planned and built so it fits  the average mtb cyclist skills and bikes. The trail’s physical characteristics, such as surface, width, slopes and obstacles, are making the trail suitable for the average mountain biker or bikepacker.


Significant part of the southern segments are singletrack with a few short stretches that may be a bit trickier in which you may better walk your bike.

Lightweight gear and the use of soft bags are recommended, to make your ride easier.

Proper bikes, such as  full-suspension or hard-tail and proper gear are essential.

Your bike should be equipped with mtb tyres with ‘no flat’ sealant. As for the gear, one day supply(water, food) and tools should be enough.


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Touring biking

Bike touring is also about exploring and riding long distances with a difference that it is mostly on well maintained infrastructure such as roads, trails and gravel paths. This major difference allows the rider to carry much more weight and have less tough bikes. 

As for ‘Touring’ style cyclists, the existing segments of trail are not suitable for that kind of riding. The Future segments, especially in the central part of the country, will be suitable for this riding style.

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