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Park Timna
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Desert cycling
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This is the last segment of the Israel Bike Trail. It’s not a long segment, but there are a few portions that are not very easy to ride.

Your cycling day begins at Timna Park. Ride south to Be’er Ora. Cross the abandoned Gadna base (Gadna was a paramilitary program for high school kids), and then immediately begin a short, moderate climb to a topographical saddle. At the end of the climb, glide along the jeep trail; you’ll see a small sandstone canyon on your left.

Continue along the trail toward Wadi Evrona to its intersection with a paved service road. This road leads west to a seismic research station.  

Turn left (east) at the intersection with the service road, and pedal for about 500 m. Then turn south again. Ride for about another 4 km along jeep road and a moderate ascent to an intersection where you’ll see a sign directing you to the geological formations known as Amram’s Pillars. Turn right (west) on this trail. The Israel Bike Trail doesn’t specifically go to Amram’s Pillars, but that doesn’t mean you should miss them. We recommend leaving the trail – about 4 km round trip – and paying them a visit.

The trail continues toward its intersection with Wadi Shehoret, which you’ll take south. The trail begins to climb up to Mt. Shahamon. Leave the vehicle road for the short single track that passes a lookout terrace with a broad view of the Gulf of Eilat.

The trail makes its way through the wadi, which passes through residential neighborhoods, and down to the Eilat-Taba road.

That’s it! You’ve reached the end of the trail. Great job!


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Climate & Weather

Most of the trail goes along the Arava valley and part of it in eilat mountains. 

The Arava Valley is characterized by a most extreme climate. Strong insolation, prominent dryness, high temperatures, and low annual rain of 25-50 mm, compared to high annual rates (3.500 mm) of evaporation, characterize this climate. Despite the high temperature, the central Arava is not free from frost hazards.

You can learn more about the region's climate here .


Typical location for weather forecast is Kibutz Elifaz

Starting point: Timna Park (about 20 km north of Eilat near Kibbutz Elifaz).

By car from the north: From Be’er Sheva, take road 40 to the Arava Junction, and turn south to road 90. Continue on road 90 to the turnoff to Timna Park near Kibbutz Elifaz.

By car from the south: From Eilat, take road 90 north to the turn left to Timna Park, near Kibbutz Elifaz.

By bus: Bus no. 991 from Eilat, or nos. 390, 394 or 397 from Be’er Sheva. Click here for the bus schedule.



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