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Shezafon Junction
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Desert cycling
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This segment of the Israel Bike Trail is special. it isn’t long, but you’ll find quite distinctive changes of scenery from one part to the other. The trail will take you along typical desert wadis and enchanting sand dunes and will end with a ride along the edge of the cliff that reveals a bird’s-eye view of the Arava and the Mountains of Edom. Most people are not familiar with this area and how unique it is in its varied scenery and topography.

The ride begins about 50 m west of the Shezafon Junction behind the Neot Smadar Inn. Pedal on a slight slope along a wadi and down toward Wadi Aya, from which you’ll climb up an ancient ascent that leads to a point above Wadi Kasuy.

From the descent toward Wadi Kasuy you’ll already be able to see the serpentine curves that will lead you easily to the high dunes on the other side of the wadi. A serene view awaits you at the top of the dunes. Parts of this trail have cobblestones for better traction as you ride, while on some (short) parts, you’ll walk your bike.

The trail descends toward the overnight campground at Kasuy Dunes and from there, along a comfortable unpaved road, continue south to the road to the community of Shaharut. Pedal along the side of the road for a little over half a kilometer, and you’ll see that the trail turns left (east). We recommend passing the turn for the moment and continuing straight for a bit on the trail toward the Leopard Temple, near the trail. Then go back to the turn, turn right, and ride up Wadi Yitro. After 5 km, you’ll be at the watershed, where you’ll find a spectacular view of Mt. Shaharut. The single track will take you along the mountain ridges with a view of the Arava in the distance, 400 m below. After 3 km, you’ll bid farewell for today – you’ll see it again tomorrow – to the scenery and the winding single track, and glide down to the loess plain (known as the “Ka”), on the outskirts of the community of Shaharut.


This segment is the only one on the Israel Bike Trail that for now requires coordination with the army on weekdays (Sunday - Thursday), when it’s used as a training zone. To do so, You need to call the IDF coordination unit at 08-9902927. When you will be asked to describe the trail, please mention that the trail goes through fire zone 326, on Israel trail bike. You can also send the segment map for better understanding. It should be OK. 

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Climate & Weather

Neot smadar area us has a desert climate with high temperatures all year round. Especially during the summer it may get hot. Precipitation figures are low all year round. The rain that does fall mainly falls during the winter. Although temperatures are slightly lower during the winter it remains warm.

You can learn more about the region's climate here .


Starting point: Neot Smadar Inn, Shezafon Junction

By car from the north: From Be’er Sheva, take road 40 to the Shezafon Junction near the community of Neot Smadar.

By car from the south: From Eilat, drive north on road 90 until the turnoff to road 40. Turn left to road 40 and take it up to the Neot Smadar (Shezafon Junction).

By bus: Bus no. 392 from Eilat stops at the Shezafon Junction. Click here for the bus schedule.


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